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PocoMail 4.8 and Barca 2.8 Released - Download Now!
poco systems inc | Friday, 17 January 2020
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Special Offer for Small Businesses
If you are a small business with five (5) or more employees you can use Barca free for 6 months at no charge. At any time during the 6-month period you can discontinue the use Barca at no charge, no questions asked! Alternatively, you can pay for Barca and continue to use it as long as you want. The minimum number of license you can purchase is 5.

How it Works

  • ImageDownload and install the latest version of Barca from our website [link].
  • Apply for the Small Business Offer by completing the form [link]. Please provide all required information. You will not need to submit payment or credit card information to get started with this offer!
  • Complete and fax the Small Business Agreement form to us. This form will be provided to you after we have received your application.
  • Receive your license code and registration instructions.

During the offer period we will provide you with a special email address and telephone were you can request quick and timely technical support. As you continue to enjoy Barca you will have many options as to whether or not you want to adopt Barca for your organization:

  • Purchase Barca anytime during the 6-month offer period and receive a special discount (save most if you purchase in the first month)!
  • Purchase Barca at the end of the 6-month offer period and pay current-at-the-time price for 5 or more licenses (depending on how many of your users are using Barca).
  • If you decide not to use Barca anytime during or at the end of the offer period simply uninstall Barca from your computers and send us the notification information indicated on the Small Business Agreement form. There will be no cost to you!

Thank you for trying Barca! You can read more about how Barca helps you work faster, saves you money, and protects your data and privacy from our web site.

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