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poco systems inc | Friday, 10 July 2020
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Why is Monospaced button not wrapping my messages?
Monospaced button is geared for displaying of information that was meant to be displayed in monospaced font. This includes things like web-forms, code listings, code snippets, etc. It allows you to quickly force the viewer into a monospaced-optimized mode. Such information often makes less sense when displayed in Proportional font, as it relies on information retaining their horizontal offset based on strict column/row grid. Wrapping such text would also break formatting often used by web-forms.

On the other hand, many people send email as plain text. That does not mean that you have to use monospaced font to actually read it. Proportional fonts (such as Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, etc) are much better suited for reading when compared to monospaced fonts (like Courier New). Wrapping is also another aspect of plain text mail that does not need to be preserved exactly. Often the sender uses a narrower or wider display than you; this shouldn't affect how you read their message. This is why our software defaults to proportional font as your default font, even when reading plain text email.

Some people do prefer to read their email in monospaced font, as a matter of habit from the old command-line-based email programs. In this case, it's best to change your main font to a monospaced font as well, and retain word-wrapping features of the viewer. In that case Monospaced button can still be used to better display pre-formatted information, but generally you would read your email with Monospaced mode disengaged.

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