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poco systems inc | Saturday, 18 January 2020
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Case Studies: Using PocoScripts to solve miscellaneous problems
Many other small problems can also be resolved by using PocoScripts. Here you will find a sampling of feedback from our customers on how they applied PocoScript to their problems.

Problem: We have had a large number of people at work retire lately. I have many messages from them but sending replies to those messages would cause them to be directed to inactive accounts.

Solution: I add a retired indication to the person's address book (including the name of their replacement) and run a script at the OnReply event to check the retired status. If the person has retired then I issue a warning and allow selection of an alternate address.

Problem: I occasionally want to call a person regarding a message I received. I would like to display the person’s phone number without opening the address book.

Solution: Maintain their phone numbers in my address book and use a script to lookup and display the phone number(s) in response to pressing one of the custom buttons on the toolbar. The script looks up the phone number based on the sender of the currently selected message.

Problem: My wife got her name on an "opt-in" mail list. These messages are the bulk of one of her accounts.

Solution: I wrote a script to detect these messages and delete them from the server. The detection is based on domains, partial domains or full email addresses. This script has, to date, deleted almost 4000 messages. The script also has a facility for easily updating the domain list.

Problem: PocoMail and Barca have facilities to record birthdates but did not have a facility to remind you of them.

Solution: I wrote a birth date reminder script.

Problem: I want to use a particular account for all messages to clients that is not my default account.

Solution: When composing a message to a client I run a script to reset the account if the wrong one was chosen.

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