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poco systems inc | Monday, 17 February 2020
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What is PocoScript?
PocoScript is our proprietary scripting language, and it comes embedded in all our applications. PocoScripts allows you get more out of Barca, PocoMail, and the other products we offer by writing or downloading simple scripts to automate common tasks.

For example you can use Barca or PocoMail with PocoScript to perform the following tasks:

  • Accept customer orders via email and record the order in a file that can be easily uploaded into your order or management systems, customer relationship management systems, or other applications
  • Manage call center using a single email address for multiple support personnel with PocoScript running on the server
  • Automatically create responses and replies to customers based on the content of a message from the customer’s email

Some miscellaneous task include:

  • Printing a selected portion of a message
  • Using third-party applications like Microsoft Word to view messages
  • Creating address books based on special filtering rules

Setting up and using PocoScript is easy and fun! The good news is that we can write the script for you. Contact us at and one of our script developers will be in touch with you. To see what others have done with PocoScript take a look at the feedback from our customers:


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