PocoMail for Windows is no longer available for sale.
If you need to export your mail check out Stellar's Converter.
PocoMail 4.8 and Barca 2.8 Released - Download Now!
poco systems inc | Saturday, 18 January 2020
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Welcome to Poco Systems!

Organize your life with Barca - seamless integration of Email, Calendar, Planner, Notes and Contacts will help you work smarter and faster, while keeping your email safe and private.

  • Create appointments and multi-day planner events
  • Exchange calendar information with other Barca and Outlook users
  • Handle multiple email accounts safely, without giving up on features such as Bayesian spam filtering
  • and many more...

Image Overall, we are very pleased with Barca's ability to maximize security for its users while still remaining flexible for those who prefer a lower level of security. Barca is a fine option for anyone looking for an alternative to Outlook and OE.

Barca Features and Screenshots
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Take control of your mailbox with our award-winning email program. PocoMail places great emphasis on safety and security of your computer, while providing you with a rich feature set.

  • Smart Bayesian spam filters can accurately detect your junk mail
  • Safe message viewer guards from common email security exploits
  • Powerful filters route your incoming messages automatically or manually
  • and many more...

Image The first thing you’ll notice about Poco is that it looks lovely and works quickly indeed. You can have multiple address books, use HTML e-mails (...) The speed, versatility and customisability of this program make it a pleasure to use.

PocoMail Features and Screenshots
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