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poco systems inc | Wednesday, 15 July 2020
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PocoMail 3 International Versions Released in Six Languages

For Immediate Release: 10/01/2003

VICTORIA, BC, Canada -- Poco Systems Inc, makers of the award-winning email software PocoMail and PocoMail PE, today announced the release of six international versions of PocoMail 3. PocoMail 3 is now available in Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

PocoMail 3 is a Windows email program that is safe, fast, easy to use, and rich in features. PocoMail's main focus is to enable the user to take control of the ever-increasing email volume, while maintaining the safety and security that is so important when dealing with email today. U.K. based .net magazine wrote about PocoMail, "The more you play with it, the more you fall for this tidy, colourful program that revolutionises your e-mailing antics. The speed, versatility and customisability of this program make it a pleasure to use."

PocoMail provides a safe email environment not just for today but for the future as well with many unique features and design decisions. These features include a single-click HTML remover and HTML sanitizer that removes any dangerous HTML codes. PocoMail also uses an internal HTML rendering engine that is not vulnerable to the common email attacks often exploited in competing products. The Image download toggle will prevent received messages from making any external HTTP accesses, ensuring that no one can monitor your reading of the message.

Cnet wrote about PocoMail, "Well designed, thought out, and powerful, this email client packs a punch.", while Lockergnome states "[PocoMail's] latest version has beefed up on features, while streamlining performance at the same time. [...] A tabbed mailbox interface makes switching between mailboxes a snap too. If you're ready to move beyond Outlook Express, or you want to add more features without the bloat of commercial e-mail clients, give PocoMail a try." PC Magazine writes, "The longer you work with Poco, the more handy features you'll discover. […] This program's well-thought-out feature set and attention to detail make it a winner."

The new PocoMail 3 adds many new features including Newsgroup support, full-page preview pane, tab-based mailbox access, unique PocoConsole notifier window, quick follow-up links from the preview pane, SSL support, and over a hundred other major improvements that also include a fresh new look. PocoMail provides industry leading filtering and processing capabilities through message filters, events and PocoScripts -- PocoMail's simple to learn yet powerful interpreted language that can perform complex processing on incoming or outgoing messages. PocoMail supports both plain text and HTML message viewing and sending with on-the-fly spell-checker, as well as unlimited multiple email accounts, address books and hierarchical folders, maintained in the standard RFC 822 format. PocoMail also offers the ability to view mail on the server and delete or selectively download it before checking mail. PocoMail 3 runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP.

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