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poco systems inc | Thursday, 13 August 2020
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PocoMail 3 adds Newsgroups, Tabbed Mailboxes, Full-Page Message Preview and more

For Immediate Release: 7/7/2003

VICTORIA, BC, Canada -- Poco Systems Inc, makers of the award-winning email software PocoMail and PocoMail PE, today announced the release of PocoMail 3. The new PocoMail 3 adds many features including Newsgroup support, Vertical Index with full-page message preview, tab-based mailbox access, unique PocoConsole, Sanitize HTML, and over a hundred other major improvements.

PocoMail 3 was redesigned from the ground up with the end user in mind, while special care was taken to retain PocoMail's award-winning usability. The result is a fast, safe and feature rich email program that allows users to maximize the time they spend on email. .net magazine wrote about PocoMail, "The more you play with it, the more you fall for this tidy, colourful program that revolutionises your e-mailing antics. The speed, versatility and customisability of this program make it a pleasure to use."

PocoMail 3 is a Windows email client, facilitating email receipt and sending, as well as access to newsgroups (Usenet). It provides powerful filtering and processing capabilities through message filters, events and PocoScripts. PocoMail 3 supports plain text and HTML message sending and viewing, and does not utilize IE HTML engine in order to provide a safer viewing environment.

PocoMail 3 has been given a fresh new look with UI improvements and a new Application Toolbar and layouts. The PocoMail 3 layout is highly customizable, letting you view the Index Pane vertically with a full-page preview pane, maximizing the screen usage for most users. Improved IMAP and new SSL support ensure that most email servers are supported. PocoConsole gives direct access to newly received email, without the need to open the main application window. Linked message support, new network mailboxes and mailbox-specific display options are just some of the new features available in the redesigned PocoMail mailboxes, which retain their standard mbox file format. Comprehensive Templates support makes templates easier to create and edit, yet more powerful than before. Multiple email accounts can now support more per-account options, separating user's online identities and making them easier to manage. New Events allow triggering of actions based on certain message conditions, like replying to a message, while the powerful new Search feature collects and stores links to found items in the new Search mailbox. PocoMail 3 Filters now support more conditions and actions, with unique message processors like Sanitize HTML that retains HTML formatting while rendering the message harmless from tracking and spying HTML bugs. Sanitize HTML and Strip HTML are now also available as toggles on the preview pane to ensure that messages you view are safe.

Most of PocoMail's respected features remain in this version, including the Show Only index view filter and the incredibly powerful PocoScript, PocoMail's simple interpreted language that can perform complex processing on messages. PocoMail 3 also includes support for multiple address books, intelligent junk mail filters, robust and safe HTML support, spell checker, nested mailboxes, support for multiple email accounts and the ability to view mail on the server and delete or selectively download messages before checking mail. Cnet wrote about PocoMail, "Well designed, thought out, and powerful, this email client packs a punch."

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