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poco systems inc | Sunday, 12 July 2020
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Poco EmailVoyager Brings Desktop Email Capabilities to Mobile Professionals for Truly Portable Email

For Immediate Release: 6/12/2003

VICTORIA, BC, Canada -- Poco Systems Inc., makers of the award-winning e-mail software PocoMail and PocoMail PE, today announced the release of Poco EmailVoyager, an affordable e-mail solution for people on the go. Poco EmailVoyager provides, secure, powerful and portable e-mail for business professionals, travellers and individuals.

Poco EmailVoyager utilizes PocoMail PE technology to provide desktop email functionality in a device that fits on a key-chain. Poco EmailVoyager is a complete solution that includes the software and the hardware that make this possible. The Financial Times states, "PocoMail PE is faster, more convenient and much more secure than any of the alternatives for managing e-mail while on the move (...) For business travellers who do not need or want to carry a notebook computer but still require secure e-mail access, the combination of PocoMail PE and a USB mini-drive or other portable storage device is worth serious consideration."

Poco EmailVoyager is light and compact, weighing in at 15g (0.53 oz.) and only 81mm (3.2") in length, making it easy to carry around. It is also sturdy, durable and resistant to environmental extremes making it a reliable choice for transporting your e-mail. It is compatible with any Windows 95 or later PC with a USB port for maximum flexibility, and it supports faster USB 2 ports with superior speed. Poco EmailVoyager is shipped with a 3 ft. USB cable for hard to reach USB ports, a key-chain loop and a neck strap. The device also features a hardware write-protect switch.

Poco EmailVoyager includes everything you need from a desktop e-mail client, including an address book, HTML support, spell checker, support for multiple e-mail accounts and the ability to queue outgoing mail for sending later, when an Internet-connected PC is not available. In addition, the device does not use Internet Explorer for HTML for wider compatibility and security, it is not vulnerable to common e-mail viruses and it contains built-in junk mail filters with the ability to view mail on the server, before downloading it. Poco EmailVoyager does not install software on the host computer while in use, and when removed leaves nothing behind. Poco EmailVoyager is available in several sizes, from 32 Mb to 256 Mb, which allows you to store and carry over 250 Mb of e-mail with you, or approximately 50,000 messages.

The founder of Poco Systems Inc, Slaven Radic, says, "Mobile professionals often have to sacrifice features or security when using e-mail away from their desks. Our product answers that need by integrating a powerful e-mail client into a flash-based drive for a complete solution. Whether you have a laptop, or shuttle between several desktop computers this allows you to maximize the time you spend on e-mail, centralize your important data and not worry about security."

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