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poco systems inc | Monday, 06 April 2020
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The Company traces its root to 1998 when Slaven Radic, began the development of Poco 1.0, our first product.

  •  Poco 1.0 was released in April 1999. The program was praised for its simplicity and ease of use. A year later, Poco 2.0 was released, followed by Poco 2.04 in May 2000. With improved functionality and better interface, Poco 2.04 was named the 2000 PC Magazine Shareware of the Year.

  • From May 2000 through May 2001, Poco 2.04 underwent a major change which resulted in the release of PocoMail 2.5 in June 2001. The award and subsequent coverage in PC Magazine garnered the program a much needed recognition in the email software market and amongst shareware developers.

  • Throughout 2001 and 2002, we continue to release minor updates to PocoMail 2.5, and PocoMail continue to gain acceptance in the email community. It was included in the software download list of leading software sites like Tucows, Cnet, and PC World.

  • In 2002, PocoMail began to gain international following as email users search for products that can combat the virus and spam problems plaguing competing products. In late 2002 we also received coverage from leading computer publications in UK, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and France.

  • In July 2002, our second product PocoMail PE, an email client that was developed to work off a USB drive. PocoMail PE enables mobile professionals to have their email on the go! in a safe and secure media while enjoying the functionality of a desktop email client. Users can now leave their laptops at home.

  • Poco Systems Inc was founded and incorporated in February 2003, Slaven Radic, James Dada, and Sheila Taylor. In March 2003 we opened an office in Virginia, USA.

  • In April 2003, PocoMail 2.64 was released with better functionality, improved stability, support for more email server platforms, and sophisticated security.

  • In June 2003, we released PocoMail 3.0, a major upgrade to version 2.64. PocoMail 3.0 received a great review from Cnet, and won Editor’s choice award in the November release of PC Plus and PC Answers in the UK.

  • In March 2004, we released PocoMail PE 3.0 with ability to sync messages, contacts, and files with PocoMail. Our users can now access their email from any web-connect PC without the risk of loosing their logging information. They can then sync the information with their desktop when then get back to their home or office computer. No need to access already processed email.

  • On July 1, 2004, Poco Systems strengthened its offering to the professional and business market with the release of Barca 1.0., a business productivity tool that seamlessly integrates personal information manager, email program, and planner.  Barca even offers sharing of personal and group appointment and tasks amongst multiple users.


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