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If you need to export your mail check out Stellar's Converter.
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poco systems inc | Thursday, 13 August 2020
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About EmailVoyager

Poco EmailVoyager ("EmailVoyager") is a tiny mobile device that allows you to access your email from any internet-connected Windows computer. EmailVoyager is a combination of a USB-flash memory and our proprietary software technology. It provides the safe, feature-rich, and easy to use functionality of a desktop email client, while at the same time offering more space, better security and more features than webmail. EmailVoyager fits nicely on a keychain holder, and into one's pocket.

Choose from 32 Mb, 64 Mb, 128 Mb and 256 Mb size and keep up to hundreds of megabytes of email (approximately 50,000 messages) in an extremely small package. EmailVoyager is also very compatible, since all you need to use it is a Windows host computer with at least one USB port. Whether you use a desktop, a laptop, or whatever computer you happen to be around, EmailVoyager is a device you won't want to be without!
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