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poco systems inc | Thursday, 13 August 2020
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New in PocoMail PE 3.4

This update contains many changes to improve the overall user experience in PocoMail PE:

  • Added new default handling for Paste in Compose window: it will automatically select Paste Plain or Paste Styled depending on format of the message being composed
  • Added new menu to aggregate optional Paste actions called Paste Special, now with both Paste Plain and Paste Styled always visible, added SHIFT+CTRL+G keyboard shortcut for Paste Plain
  • Added check for valid email address in Reply-To field when editing account settings
  • Added template Common Variable Tags parsing for several template fields, such as Reply-To, Subject and User Header #1206
  • Improved generation of Styled (HTML) messages, replaced P HTML tags with DIV #1180
  • Changed several default settings for new installs: Accounts Online enabled when creating an IMAP account on startup, new messages to top of index now enabled, default Reply header enabled, place cursor above quoted text set, disable short date and time display in index
  • Changed Reply with Template to use default Reply subject line when no subject is specified in the template
  • Changed Evaluation expired restriction where the main window is covered with Expired message
  • Fixed clipboard operations in Compose Window: fixed Paste Styled, modified Copy/Paste Styled to place a better plain text version of the copied text on the clipboard, with full line breaks
  • Fixed disabled Include Signature checkbox in Compose Window hiding the Signature pane completely when starting a new message
  • Fixed index headers not being decoded when containing non-English characters in Accounts Online mailbox
  • Fixed Privacy Sheet not hiding opened messages completely #877
  • Fixed error inserting GIF images as message background #1191, #1215
  • Fixed not being able to paste images in certain circumstances #1198
  • Fixed error when decrypting certain messages
  • Fixed Reply All not leaving "Replied" marker on the original message when replying from a separate window
  • Fixed URL autolinking not working correctly when there is a space on the next line after the URL, several URLs in sequence, a sequence of equal signs or a sentence following the URL #1145
  • Fixed extra leading space being added to Quote/Unquote text and some other operations in Compose window
  • Fixed error when compressing Draft mailbox while editing a message saved there #567
  • Fixed drag and dropping messages onto a contact not using template defined in the address book #1196
  • Fixed problem with index status not being preserved when a reply, forward or bounce is cancelled #1155
  • Fixed Delete button being active when viewing embedded messages #1165
  • Fixed some quoting issues with AOL-sent email
  • Fixed error when switching New mail to top of index setting repeatedly #1123
  • Fixed problem with certain attachments (ones with incorrect MIME type assigned) having their filename reset
  • Fixed Attachments pane truncating filenames with ampersand in the name #1192
  • Fixed problem with Mini Calendar sizing #1214
  • ... and many other improvements and fixes.


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