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If you need to export your mail check out Stellar's Converter.
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poco systems inc | Thursday, 13 August 2020
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About PocoMail PE

PocoMail PE is a portable email client that will allow you to take your email on the road with you. Imagine being away from your home of office computer, and needing to access your email to send confidential information to a colleague or friend. And all you need is a tiny device, the size of a keychain, that can be plugged into any internet-connected PC.

PocoMail PE is designed from the ground-up to work off any removable drive like USB drive (flash drive). Simply install PocoMail PE on any USB drive, setup your email accounts and you are ready to go! If you do not have a USB drive, check out EmailVoyager, our ready to use Email On The Go solution.

PocoMail PE will run on almost any Windows compatible computer and installs on almost any type of USB drive. Plug/insert the media into any computer anywhere in the world, and you can start using PocoMail PE to manage your email - no installation, no hassle, extremely secure email on the go.


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