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poco systems inc | Thursday, 02 July 2020
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About Barca Pro

Barca Pro extends functionality offered by Barca by allowing you to have multiple calendars and tasks lists to share with your coworkers and other users on your network. These are called Public Calendars as you can share them with other Barca Pro users on your network, even those without Barca Pro through a standalone viewer and iCalendar support. These calendars can be published to a network folder so that anyone else on the network can read them by subscribing to them, or you can publish them locally just for your own use, to allow you to utilize more than one calendar and task list at the time.

Barca Pro retains all of Barca's extensive feature-list, including its Calendar, Tasks and Planner to schedule events, powerful email engine that makes PocoMail tick, popup Notes to gather information and Diary to keep track of your daily activities; all united with a smart yet clean interface. Click here to find out more about Barca features...

  • Plan your daily duties with the Calendar, in day, work week, week, month and year views
  • Use multiple calendars, for yourself or to share with other users on your network
  • See the big picture and upcoming multi-day events with the Planner, with quarterly and yearly views
  • See the upcoming Calendar and Planner events at a glance with the Today screen.
  • Assign and share appointments and tasks with your coworkers
  • Use handy Barca Sections displayed in the sidebar to streamline your work, including the current month with overview of appointments
  • Customize your Barca Shortcuts to have all your important mailboxes within easy reach
  • Get your Email right, with all the advantages of using PocoMail's powerful email engine, including virus and privacy protection, Bayesian filtering, Newsgroup support, and many more
  • Create Appointments and Tasks directly from your email
  • Use popup Notes to jot down quick memos, with the ability to email them quickly
  • Use Diary to track information on long-term projects

Download a free evaluation and try Barca Pro for 45 days to see for yourself!

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