Poco FAQ - JunkMail Filtering

Junk mail (also known as UBE - Unsolicited Bulk Mail and UCE - Unsolicited Commercial Mail) is a growing problem. Dealing with junk mail can be very problematic. I've heard from users who are getting well over 100 junk mail messages a day. If you are having problems with spam I recommend reading this article and applying one or more of the techniques described below.

This section of the FAQ describes some options for dealing with junk mail. It goes on to describe Poco's builtin junk mail filtering system and how to use it to best advantage.

Options for Dealing with Junk Mail

There are several methods you can use to deal with junk mail:

Poco's Builtin Junk Mail Filtering System

General Information

Advanced Techniques

Reporting Spam

There is some question as to the effectiveness of reporting spam. Spammer's (especially those sending UBE) are known to forge the email addresses they use to send the message. The following sections describe options for reporting spam for those who want to do so: