Poco Address FAQ - Order of fields in the address book

Q: Does anybody knows a list of all the address book entries (such as $lats, $email, etc ... used to write entries in the address book from Pocoscript)?
A: The following list of fields is only from examining the raw address book file:
IndexField nameGetAddressField name
2Name (Display As)name
3EMail (primary)EMail
6First nameFirst
7Middle namesMiddle
8Surname (last name)Last
9Company email (EMail2 in Poco 2)EMail2
10Personal email (EMail3 in Poco 2)EMail3
11Company URL (URL1 in Poco 2)URL1
12Personal URL (URL2 in Poco 2)URL2
13VIP (known as "Favourite" in Poco 2) (1 = Yes, 0 = No)1Favourite
14Prefers styled (1 = Yes, 0 = No)1WantsHTML
17Telephone (work phone)Tel
18Fax (work fax)Fax
19Work mobile phoneMobile
20Home phoneHome
21Postal address (not used in Poco 3?) 
22Group entry (1 = Yes, 0 = No)1 
23Custom value 1customdata1
The following fields are only available in Poco 3 on
24Custom description 1customdesc1
25Custom value 2customdata2
26Custom descripion 2customdesc2
27Custom value 3customdata3
28Custom description 3customdesc3
29Custom value 4customdata4
30Custom description 4customdesc4
31Custom value 5customdata5
32Custom description 5customdesc5
33Address tracking number (internal sequence created by Poco) 
34?? - Unknown 
35Prefers plain flag (1 = Yes, 0 = No)1WantsPlain
36?? - Unknown 
37?? - Unknown 
38Work street 1See note 2
39Work street 2See note 2
40Work city 1See note 2
41Work province/stateSee note 2
42Work countrySee note 2
43Work zipcodeSee note 2
44Home street 1See note 3
45Home street 2See note 3
46Home city 1See note 3
47Home province/stateSee note 3
48Home countrySee note 3
49Home zipcodeSee note 3
50?? - Unknown 
51Home mobileMobile2
56Birthdate (in days since 30 Dec 1899)Birthday, See note 4
58Anniversary date (in days since 30 Dec 1899)Anniversary, See note 4
63New message template 
64Reply template 
65Forward template 
66Bounce template 
67Is group expanded in view? 
68Date item was last edited 
69Is it modified (for PalmSync purposes, 1 = Yes, 0 = No) 
70Palm Record ID (for PalmSync purposes) 


  1. Pre Poco 3.2 (or there abouts) the value for "Yes" was -1.
  2. Use "BusinessAddress" to return the entire home address as a multi-line variable.
  3. Use "HomeAddress" to return the entire home address as a multi-line variable.
  4. Returned according to your regional date format setting.
  5. Not used.